James Earley

The Cross of Coach Street and Henry Street
The Cross of Coach Street and Henry Street

James Earley is an artist based in Dublin. He is best known for his large scale murals and intricate studio artworks that celebrate the medium of stained glass.

Earley’s background is a mix of graffiti art and stained glass art. He began painting letter-based graffiti in 1997. From 2010, he started to develop abstracted figurative works with an aesthetic rooted in stained glass. Earley has a rich family heritage within stained glass.

He is the 6th generation of his family to practice within this field.

James strives to create artworks that are timeless in their aesthetic and rich in their conceptual narrative. He puts a strong emphasis on craftsmanship and heritage within stained glass, fusing cutting-edge technology with age-old techniques. His goal is to make unique artworks that are memorable and consistently push people’s perception of what stained glass can be.