Deirdre Breen

Wandesford Quay
Wandesford Quay

Born in Cork in 1986, Deirdre is a multidisciplinary designer and visual artist. She graduated from Limerick School of Art & Design in 2008 with a BA in Visual Communications.

Deirdre Breen’s practices explore the boundary between art and design, and compositional principles common to both. She investigates form, colour theory and geometry, and manipulates them to create a series of abstracted, playful structures and expressions of relational elements.

Deirdre is a member of Cork Printmakers and a visiting lecturer in Graphic Communications at Limerick School of Art & Design. She is currently undertaking an MA in Art & Process in CCAD.

Deirdre’s wall is kindly included in the Ardú project with permission from Cork Printmakers, Backwater Artist Group and the Lavit Gallery.