Kino, 23A Washington Street
Kino, 23A Washington Street

Having created artwork since 1995, over the last 25 years, Maser has earned much respect professionally and has generated a large and dedicated following in Ireland and abroad – through his seamlessly imaginative and unique graphic style.

Having become internationally recognised for his expansive repertoire of contemporary visual art, Maser’s artistic practice includes works on canvas, sculptures, prints, immersive installations, interactive exhibitions and exquisite large-scale murals.

His unique, artistic style draws upon numerous influences including optical art and mid-century art, and is regularly complemented with bold colours, pattern and text. Maser is ambitious and is unafraid to experiment with any artistic format.

Maser boasts an impressive list of exhibitions in high-end art galleries and has been commissioned to create original artwork by many prestigious arts organisations including, Art On Paper (USA), Lazarides (UK), the National Gallery of Ireland, the National Library of Ireland, Tandem Press(USA) and Graphic Print Studio. He also collaborated with President Michael D Higgins on a series of bespoke limited edition prints in 2018.